Topsy Production

Topsy Production – 70s Porn magazines

Topsy Production(Topsy Forlaget)

Topsy Production, or Topsy Forlaget in Danish, printed mass quantities of cheap porn magazines on a variety of subjects. These magazines were usually about 32 double sided pages and were printed as cheap as possible. While they were based in Denmark, a lot of their product ended up in Germany. At the time German laws forbid selling entrance to porn theaters, so porn theater owners sold a Topsy Production magazine and gave away entrance to the theater!

The titles of their magazines are not imaginative at all, and the covers uncensored. You definitely knew what you were getting with them!

Lesbian Dream No 3

Magazine Titles

A Thrill of Divine
Anal Love
Club Sex
Club Tabu
Color Exciting
Color Liebe
Color Orgasm
Color Orgie
Color Passion
Color Scala
Film Serie
Girl in Leather
Hash Sex
Horny Love
Lesbian Color Intime
Lesbian Delight
Lesbian Dream
Love for Two
Orgie 69
Party Love
Rolling Balls
School Love
Sex Delight
Sex Lover
Sex Study
Star Sex
Sweet Love
Symphony in Color
Top Sex
Triple Love
Young Love

I suspect that this list is far from complete. Unfortunately the company seems to be out of business so we can’t just go ask them!

Lesbian Delight 1 Cover

Keyhole No1

Keyhole 9 covor photo showing a blow job

Keyhole 8 cover photo

Color Scala No 16 - vintage inter racial sex

Color Scala No 19 Color - Vintage Men's Magazine

Honny Love Magazine Cover

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