About Vintage Nudes for Me

I have been fascinated with vintage porn, nudie pictures, and pinup girls since an early age. I remember going to a flea market in my early teens and running across stacks of vintage Playboy, Penthouse, and many other magazines. The smell of musty old pages still turns me on to this day.

This blog aims to celebrate these women of yesteryear in a non-judgmental way. Vintage cuties who showed all to the camera, but probably never made much money doing so. I’m interested to see where these gorgeous women ended up. For instance Gay Collier ended up in the aerospace industry, Diane Webber was on TV, Jonnie Nicely installed electronics on bombers for Rockwell Internation, Barbie Benton still has a catalog of country music, and Bonnie Large has made groundbreaking advanced in biofeedback therapy.


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