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SBS Men’s Magazine

SBS Men’s Magazine

SBS was a UK printed pocket size magazine from the 1950s/1960s era from Capital Books in London. The exact publishing dates are unknown, but at least 45 editions were printed. Like so many other magazines of the era, this one definitely went down in quality over time so one can imagine it wasn’t a huge money maker.

The first edition attempted to be placed into the typical “Art Nude reference,” niche. At least on the cover.

By the third edition any such pretense of being an art reference magazine was gone.

The magazine was very formulaic. The bulk of the photos were of one model during one or two photo shoots and were a variety of nude, lingerie, and dressed poses. There would be a few photos of other models, then a couple more of the first model. They did range about 40-50 pages per an issue, so there was actually a wide variety of poses in those shoots. Oh, and lest we forget, there was barely any writing in the magazine at all. We barely even get names for models in most editions, which was usually hidden somewhere in a short blurb in the photoshoot.

Only two editions that I can find has the model’s name on the front cover, Miranda Mann on No 16 and Nicol Austin on No 19.

That all being said, the magazine had quite the bevy of beauties in it’s run.

Vintage Nude Model Miranda Mann from SBS No 16

Another photo of Miranda Mann from No 16

Vintage nude model from SBS No 19

Nichol Austin from SBS No 19

Unknown vintage amateur teen nude model

Unkown vintage MILF model from SBS No 20

Unknown Drew Barrymore lookalike model topless

Very interestingly, SBS didn’t just do topless models. They flirted with some fetish work in a couple of issues.

We have a little bit of a chubbier girl both topless in glamour shots, and in a dungeon space in issue Number 5!

Vintage chubby model

Vintage chubby model in bondage

Vintage Chubby model Terry in Bondage with Jerry

An example of the occasional name drops in the magazine

And of course, my favorite set, the model from Number 9 in a French Maids outfit, and in bondage.

Vintage French Maid Model

Vintage topless French Maid Model

Vintage French Maid in Bondage

As usual, please comment below if you know anything about this publication, it’s sister publications of Cloud, Sexpose, or Torsod, or any of these models!

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