Amateur Blonde Bottomless

Amateur retro pics

For those looking for amateur retro pics, here you go!

First up is an 80’s MILF, still hot enough to fuck!

amateur retro pics

Some Dude Ranch Nudists just enjoying the sun!

Dude Ranch Nudists

A liberated feminist from the 1930’s showing off her great legs.

liberated feminist

Kodak Amateur in 1969, a cute blonde with great breast no doubt posing for her boyfriend. Or in those days, possibly just posing for a random guy she hooked up with.

Kodak Amateur in 1969

How about an incredibly cute smile? The stockings, garter, high heels, and petite little breasts are just an awesome bonus!

incredibly cute smile

And then many a guy’s fantasy! Two hot girls naked in a bubble bath, waiting just for him.

Bath Tub Friends

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