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Anita Hemmings aka Annica Salomonsson

Anita Hemmings Anita aka Annica is yet another hard to track down model. Which is doubly annoying considering the sheer number of magazines [...]

Vintage puffy nipples

Vintage puffy nipples I don’t know who she is, if you do please comment below! [...]

1936 photo By Ella Mollo

1936 photo By Ella Mollo Model is unknown, but the photo came from an 1936 photo book. The photographer is Ella Mollo. Nothing is known abou [...]

Barbara Köckritz aka Babsey Kelsup

Barbara Köckritz I can not find much information about Barbara. We think her real name was Babsey Kelsup and she changed it from Babsey Kel [...]

Inge and Lola Epp

Inge and Lola Epp I can not find much about these two beauties. They were European Showgirls featured in the magazine Paris Music-Hall n. 14 [...]

Nude beach and tanlines

Nude beach and tanlines Late 60s? Early to mid 70s? I’m assuming this is a couple of young ladies from a nudist magazine of some sort. [...]

Leaning on a tree

An unknown vintage model Leaning on a tree. She looks a bit like early Bettie Page to me, but I can not tell from this angle. What’s y [...]

Skinny Dipper

Skinny Dipper – model and photographer unknown. If you know either, please comment below. [...]

Ron Vogel – Photographer

Ron Vogel – Photographer Despite being alive, but retired, there is relatively little known about Ron himself. He was born on October [...]

Vintage Bondage

Can anyone identify this model and photographer? Or even an accurate year. Based on the makeup I want to say 1910 to 1930s. But bondage of a [...]

Nude “Bond” Girl

Nude “Bond” Girl – I suspect this is a photoshopped head swap, but this photo is reported to be one of the James Bond Actr [...]

Amateur nude sailor

Amateur nude sailor [...]

Blonde with Tan Lines – 1972

Blonde with Tan Lines – 1972 [...]

Listening to records in the nude

Listening to records in the nude We’re interrupting some private time here! [...]

1957 Cadillac Nude

1957 Cadillac Nude Yet more proof that cars have been making women take their clothes off for decades! [...]
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