Frances Voy

Frances Voy

Early Career
Frances Voy is a British Nude model who got her start at the age of 16 as one of The Sun’s “Page 3” girls. Within the year, she did her first nude shoot at the age of 17 for the famous Mayfair Magazine. She immediately did several more shoots that same year, two for American Magazines, Genesis, and another for “Se” where she was credited as “Marie.” These shoots seem to have made her a star over night.

Unknown Magazine

*Note – As far as I know all photos here are of her when she was 18 or older. If you know other wise, please let me know, but I did my best to make sure that younger versions of her were not included!

Free Porn!

Blue Climax No 22 Cover

Blue Climax No 22

Frances in Blue Climax No. 22, credited as Saucie Sabine

Blue Climax No 22

Frances Voy24

“Our sultry cover girl Sabine has a very busy – and somewhat kinky – life. When she isn’t posing in her birthday suit, she is pursuing one of her many interesting hobbies. Sabine’s pastimes include: naturism, painting and what she calls: “Furtive Fucking”! “I just love screwing in the most risky situations!” she tells u, “it’s a tremendous thrill being screwed in a public place, with the risk of being caught as an added spice!” she goes on quite candidly. And we know plenty of studs who’d fuck Sabine, any time, anywhere!

Blue Climax No 22

Blue Climax No 22

Blue Climax No 22

Blue Climax No 22

Blue Climax No 22

Magazine Appearances
1978 – Mayfair (vol.13, no.7)
1978 – Genesis (September)
1978 – Genesis (October cover model)
1978 – Rits (October, German, Cover Model)
1978 – Se (no.11, cover, credited as Marie)
1978 – Er (German, no 1/2, credited as Alexandras Traume)
1979 – Cool Guy (Japanese version – March vol.3, no.2)
1979 – Swank (March, cover credited as Gayle)
1979 – Cine Revue (France, May)
1979 – Mayfair (June, vol.14, no.6)
1980 – Genesis (February, cover model, credited as Sandra O’Quinn – same shoot as Mayfair vol.14,no.6)
1982 – Game (May, cover model, credited as Terry Sue)
1982 – Sexy (no.42, credited as Julietta)
1982 – Teenage Sex (no.24)
1983 – Gondel (no.5)
1988 – Climax (no.17)
1988 – St. Pauli Report (Germany) nos.6-7 (1988, cover)
Unknown – Absolus (French, vol.3, no.10 , cover model)
Unknown – Blue Climax no.22 (date unknown, cover and pictorial)
Unknown – Cavalier (same shoot as Mayfair vol.13, no.7)
Unknown – Eros (May, cover model)
Unknown – Girls (Germany, no.11, cover model)
Unknown – Girls Special (Germany, no.17 cover model, credited as Gwendy)
Unknown – Knave (vol.11, no.3, cover model)
Unknown – Tabu (Germany, no.40, cover model)
Unknown – The Best of Mayfair, vol.3 (UK, year unknown)[3].
Unknown – Vie Privee (cover model)
Unknown – Wish (no.14, cover model)

Frances Voy in Mayfair's June 1979 issues (she was 19 by now)

Frances Voy in Mayfair’s June 1979 issues (she was 19 by now)

“She has the shy, elfin good looks of a schoolgirl, the mature voluptuousness of figure of a very adult woman – a combination that struck sparks when 17-year-old Frances Voy first appeared on page three of The Sun and blazed into a veritable burst of reader approval when she revealed her charms even more fully in Mayfair last summer. It was only a matter of time, then, that Frances’ superb 34c-22-34 would grace our pages again.

Mayfair June 1979-2

Mayfair June 1979-3

Mayfair June 1979-4

Mayfair June 1979-5

“But as far as career matters are concerned these days Frances’ ambitions are fixed firmly on modeling in fashion and advertising in many ways it’s completing a full circle – Frances has the rare distinction of being the fist 16-year-old model ever to appear in The Sun: she was in a centre-spread fashion feature on the day Elvis Presley died. Frances applies herself to modeling assignments with the same tenacity she brings to writing and horses. “Whenever I’m booked for a job, I try and found out as much about it before I go as I can, so I’m fully clued up about what’s going to be asked of me,” she says. “It annoys me so much when people tell me that modelling’s easy. It just isn’t. You have to use your brain as well as your body, not only to interpret what a photographer wants but how he wants you to do it.” Recently Frances became engaged and has made the decision to turn her back on nude modeling. Enjoy then, the last of the nudest Miss Voy.”

Thankfully for us, she kept nude modeling for many more years!

Mayfair June 1979-6

Mayfair June 1979-7

Mayfair June 1979-8

Mayfair June 1979-9

Mayfair June 1979-10

Frances' Knave centerfold

Frances’ Knave centerfold

Frances Voy (July, 1978)

Frances Voy44

Frances Voy43

Frances Voy42

Frances Voy41

Frances Voy40

Frances Voy38

Frances Voy37

Frances Voy36

Frances Voy34

Frances Voy32

Frances Voy31

Frances Voy20

Frances Voy19

Frances Voy18

Frances Voy17

Frances Voy16

Frances Voy15

Frances Voy14

Frances Voy12

Frances Voy11

Frances Voy10

Frances Voy09

Frances Voy08

Frances Voy07

Frances Voy06

Frances Voy05

Frances Voy04

Frances Voy03

Frances Voy02

Frances Voy01

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