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Playboy’s “Having a Masked Ball”

Playboy’s “Having a Masked Ball”

One of my favorite group shoots published in Playboy Magazine was “Having a Masked Ball” photographed by Phillip Dixon. It was published in the October 1977 edition of the magazine.

“seven – count ’em seven – playmates have staged a special halloween costume party just for you. and you can join the fun by trying to guess who they are”

“These are not the mystery guests from some bizarre version of What’s My Line? They’re all Playmates from our recent past costumed to conceal their identities and pique your imagination. Your job is to unmask these lovelies via the clues provided in the picture captions on the following pages. Failing to do that, you can just enjoy the pictures. The rules of this masked ball are simple: Come as a fantasy. No, the ghost and goblin fantasies people scare children with; these are the kind that scare (or score with) adults. Some are sexy, some are weird. Which is which depends entirely on your point of view. Look at it as a kind of human Rorschach test you take in the privacy of your own home. Nobody is going to know which fantasy turns you on, so no one will make a judgement about your reason or proclivities. However, if you find yourself getting off on all of them, perhaps you should bring it up at your next session. Now you’re ready to being. It’s midnight and the guests have assembled.

“Once you’ve made your guesses you can check them with the correct identities on page 269. Have a ball.”

Playboy's "Having a Masked Ball"

Masked Ball 2

“Opposite: Our fine-feathered friend has been too long captive in her gilded cage. Such a beautiful bird was not meant to be the private job of any one person. Her frustration has turned to determination and when she escapes, there will be the devil to pay. Make your check payable to the our August equestrienne.”

Masked Ball 05

“This page: Who knows what evil lurks? In either the covered eyes of our lady awaiting or in the sinister shadow on the wall, coming closer and closer? Is she seductress or victim? Is he aggressor or seduced? Is he really there at all? The mind does play tricks when the view is distracting. You were distracted seven years ago by our Playmate of the Year.

Masked Ball 3

Masked Ball 4

“Opposite and above: The leather-bound beauty is as brazen as her garb and demands a man equally bold. The name of the game is Chicken, played at speeds well above the 55-mph limit. If such lawlessness makes you squeamish feel free to take a pass. If not, climb on and settle in for a long…er…stimulating ride. In mufti, our bike queen is a recent Playmate and a hard-core California Girl.”

“Right: Careful! The motives of the lady in Saran are not as transparent as her dress. The clue lies in her surroundings. Just as steam is ready to burst forth under pressure that is barely kept in check by the valves, so her sensuousness is barely checked by the Saran. If the pressure mounts, what then? Can you stand the heat? This hot little number was Factory Tested in December of 1973.”

Masked Ball 5Masked Ball 6

Masked Ball1

Masked Ball2

“The lion tamer above and left needs a little taming herself. You’re welcome to try; but be careful of that whip. A swift craft could send you howling in pain. But isn’t that what you’re after? A little pleasure, a little pain. And what’s the difference anyway? You’ve met our lion tamer before. On a train late last year, remember? Lithe and luscious, our cat is deceiving. Will she purr gently when you scratch her back or will she bare fang and claw? Tamers of inscrutable females must learn to take their chances. There’s a good chance you’ll remember this 1976 Playmate because of her penchant for popcorn.”

Masked Ball 6

“Opposite: If you think you’re safe with our lady bound with chiffon, you’ll do well to reconsider. The spider, too, weaves a net that is silky smooth and when the unwary intruder grows bold… But that would never happen to you, would it? After all, this Norwegian beauty wouldn’t hurt – a fly?”

And if you turn to page 269, the answers are revealed.

Masked Ball3

“If you’re peeking at the answers without having tried to figure out the clues in Having a Masked Ball (pages 116-123), shame on you! If you’re back here legitimately and have given it a reasonable try, welcome to the unveiling. Here’s how to score: First, turn the lights way down and uncork a good Beaujolais… But seriously folks, if you missed more than two of the seven, turn in your back issues of Playboy. If you had all the ladies pegged, you are obviously a gentleman of discernment. And if you got off on any of the fantasies, remember to take a long, cold shower.”

The models were:
Miss November 1969, Claudia Jennings (the seductress)
Miss December 1973, Christine Maddox (the Saran wrapped)
Miss August 1975, Lillian Muller (the submissive)
Miss May, 1976, Patricia McClain (the Lion)
Miss December 1976, Karen Hafter (the Lion Tamer)
Miss January 1977, Susan Kiger (the Biker)
Miss August 1977, Julia Lyndon (the Peacock),

Did you enjoy this pictorial? Which model is your favorite? And which Playboy pictorial is your favorite?

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