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Miss August 1962 – Jan Roberts

Jan Roberts from August 1962 Playboy Magazine

Jan Roberts from August 1962 Playboy Magazine

Miss August 1962, Jan Roberts was the first, “but undoubtedly not the last”, Playmate who worked in a Playboy Club before posing in the magazine. She was born in Brooklyn New York on April 11, 1939 and was raised in Toledo Ohio. It is unknown when she became a Bunny at the Chicago Playboy Club. Jan Roberts was apparently pretty popular, she was pictured in the Playboy Club News posing with two other Bunnies and Hugh Hefner himself at an ground breaking ceremony for the Los Angeles Playboy Club on Sunset Boulevard. Or possibly she just got featured in the article because she was Playmate of the Month.

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Playboy Club News Vol II, No. 25

Playboy Club News Vol II, No. 25

Her first Playboy appearance was photographed by Pompeo Posar. In keeping with the magazine’s focus, only five pictures of her were published. Four of them (including the one at the top of this page,) were her in her Bunny outfit. Only the centerfold itself was a tasteful nude.

Jan Roberts Playmate Interview

Jan Roberts’ Playmate Interview

“In the two-plus years since the first Playboy Club bounded boldly onto the entertainment scene in Chicago, 24 of this magazine’s prettiest Playmates have taken the bountiful Bunny trail to fun, travel and excitement as highly paid hostesses in our ever-lengthening chain of luxurious key clubs. With this issue we present a neat twist on the customary Playmate-to-Bunny progression; she’s ingenious Jan Roberts – the first (but undoubtedly not the last) Playmate to be discovered among the hutch honeys already decorating club premises. Like hundreds of beauties from every part of the U.S. and several foreign countries, Brooklyn-born, Toledo-bred Jan stormed Chicago specifically in hopes of landing a job at the Playboy Club. Her credentials (executive girl) Friday for the Juhl Advertising Agency of Elkhart Indiana, and honor graduate of a two-year medical technology course in the same city) were impressive enough to earn her a Bunny berth. Although the lissome (39-23-35) arrangement of her 120 compact pounds on a five-foot-five frame tends to belie it, Miss August prefers mental exercise to phyical; she thrives on chess and brigde bouts, reads omnivorously (mostly books on mathematics and theology), dabbles in graphology and earnestly paints landscapes with bear, she believes, “an unfortunate resemblance to my favorite foods – spaghetti and cheese blintzes.” She can’t abide a sloppy pad, views beatniks with suspicious brown eyes, loves shoot ’em up war flicks, feminine frills and Louis XVI antiques. Affectionate by nature, she is apt to greet friends with warm hugs and double-cheek kisses. Jan regards her current welcome-to-the-club duties with honest satisfaction. “I’m interested in a show business career,” she says, “As a Bunny, I’m already leading a show biz kind of life. It’s a big step on the way up.” For a fetching view of rising and shining Jan, consult the foldout where our breakfasting Bunny Playmate is show starting her day – and brightening ours – with an r.s.v.p. smile.

Jan Roberts Centefold

Luckily for us, this was not Jan’s last appearance in Playboy. Photos from this same shoot along with a couple not seen before were seen in four more issues of Playboy. These photos seem to mostly have been used in conjunction with advertising for the Playboy Clubs. The corresponding articles all mention Jan and her Bunny status. Or, they were retrospectives of previous Playmates.

Jan Roberts - 1963 Playmate Review

Jan Roberts – 1963 Playmate Review

Her last appearance was in the August 1966 edition of Playboy, again in a retrospective of Bunnies. The blurb next to her picture says that she moved to the New Orleans Club.


Magazine Appearances

1962 – Playboy, August (Playmate)
1963 – January
1963 – July
1964 – October
1966 – August

If you know anything more about Jan Roberts, and what happened to her after her job at the New Orleans Playboy Club, please comment below!

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Playboy Playmate Jan Roberts 02

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  • Sam Bristol
    October 29, 2016 - 11:54 pm | Permalink

    Jan Roberts was living in Santa Cruz, CA when I met her in 1985. Recently divorced at 46, we met at a Little League baseball game her 10 year old son was playing in. She was reserved but friendly and when I asked her for her number she took mine. Elated to hear from her two days later, we began seeing each other. (I was 29). It was a bit chilly our first night out and when she rubbed my hand for warmth, I knew she liked me. I kissed her gently at evening’s close in the car and she smiled invitingly whereupon I began to caress her slipping my hands inside her coat and kneading her breasts through her soft white cotton blouse and she leaned in and began darting her tongue in my ear a special thrill that made my trousers bulge with a woody that just started throbbing. Clearly this lady knew her business. We went back to her place where I undressed her and she unbuckled me. I was laying flat on her bed and as her hands fluttered over my throbbing cock she took me into her mouth.

  • Ken
    October 31, 2016 - 9:29 pm | Permalink

    Are you being serious?

  • C Heath Whyte
    March 8, 2017 - 4:55 am | Permalink

    Somehow I don’t think that’a true. After some basic research I found she now lives in Chicago, with who I presume is her step daughter. Jan Roberts born April 11th 1939 is now Janet Kirkland. Her husband appears to have passed away and the reason I believe the step daughter is not her own is because she was born in 1963, during her career at the Playboy clubs.

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