Lucille Ball Ziegfeld Girl

Lucille Ball’s short nude modeling career

“Lucille Ball naked?” I hear you say. Yes, red headed comedienne of “I Love Lucy” fame, did a few nude pictures!

Lucille Ball Swimsuit

Based on the fact that many of these pictures only recently came out, decades after her death, its obvious that these probably were not meant to be seen. But the fact is that Lucy, like a lot of other young actresses in those days, was willing to do a lot to further her career. Like many actresses of a certain body type in the early 20th century, she auditioned for Ziegfeld’s Follies. Unfortunately she did not get the position.

She did work as a model for a while and had an lucrative career that was cut short by illness. It took her two years to heal up and get back to work.

Dancing and showing off her legs

When she returned to New York in 1932 she joined the Goldwyn Girls and had an uncredited part as a slave girl in 1933’s “Roman Scandals,” where her natural hair color is called into question.

Lucille Ball in Roman Scandals

I Love Lucy naked



Look Who's Laughing
Screen shot from 1941’s “Look Who’s Laughing” starring Charlie McCarthy. This movie has an early scene of her standing on a table to change a light bulb, featuring her legs. And her red hair.

And finally, from an unknown year, Lucille Ball topless with nothing hidden at all.

Lucille Ball Topless

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