Alice Wilkie Ziegfeld Girl

Alice Wilkie – Ziegfeld Girl

Alice Wilkie was one of the famous “Ziegfeld Girls.” This photo was likely taken by Alfred Cheney Johnston sometime in the 1920s. Ziegfeld Girls were chorus girls in the Ziegfeld Follies theatrical spectacular that ran at the Folies Bergère Music House in Paris between 1907 and 1931. They were beautiful, similar sized, dressed in revealing (or frequently nude,) costumes and became highly admired by the public. Many girls married into wealth, and many became Hollywood Stars.

Alice Wilkie

Alice Wilkie by Alfred Cheney Johnston

Unfortunately there does not seem to be much information about Alice herself. Likely she worked under an stage name. She also worked on Broadway in George White’s Scandals from 1924 to 1927. The only other information I could find is that her name is sometimes spelled Wilke or Wilkee, a sure sign of an assumed stage name.

Alice Wilkie

Alice Wilkie3

If you know anything about Alice, please post below! She was stunning and I’d love to know what happened to her!

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