Monthly Archives: July 2018

Caligula – the Movie

I don’t even know where to begin with this movie. It’s a cross between a legitimate Hollywood movie, and a porn movie. With a li [...]

Andria Bernette

Andria Bernette Andria Bernette was a model for Ron Vogel in the 1960s. There doesn’t seem to be much information on her at all. I can [...]

Rasa Von Werder aka Kellie Everts – Stripper for God

Rasa Von Werder aka Kellie Everts – Stripper for God Here is one of those women that mere words on the Internet can ever truly describ [...]

Ron Vogel – Photographer

Ron Vogel – Photographer Despite being alive, but retired, there is relatively little known about Ron himself. He was born on October [...]

Edmund Leja – Photographer

Edmund Leja – Photographer Edmund Leja started as a photographer in Detroit, in the mid 1940s. He became more prolific in 1945, before [...]

Andre de Dienes – Photographer

Andre de Dienes – Photographer Best known for working with Marilyn Monroe. Known Models Below is a list of models Andre is known to ha [...]

Vintage Bondage

Can anyone identify this model and photographer? Or even an accurate year. Based on the makeup I want to say 1910 to 1930s. But bondage of a [...]
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