Ron Vogel

Ron Vogel – Photographer

Ron Vogel – Photographer

Despite being alive, but retired, there is relatively little known about Ron himself. He was born on October 7th, 1931 and had a daughter named Alexis in 1958 who is nowwell known in Hollywood for her makeup skills. She was born at a hospital on Sunset Boulevard, so the family obviously lived in or near Hollywood. As such, Vogel obviously had access to the early nude model scene there.

Ron Vogel with Daughter Lexi

He learned photography in the Army’s Special Services and immediately began working with his wife Audry. Her photos were a big hit and his career was born. By the early 60s Vogel was a prolific contributor many men’s magazines. Playboy, Rouge, Adam, and Modern Man were all regular publications in those early years, while he was published in Fox almost monthly for over a decade spanning the 90s to his retirement. Modern Man and Adam both had at least one and frequently two main photo layouts of Ron’s. He’d usually have another couple of images sprinkled throughout the magazine. Other magazines he shot for were Caper, Sir!, Beau, Mayfair, Beaver, Escapade, Carnival, Club, Cavalcade, Fling, Gallery, High Society, Score, Hustler, Rogue, Scamp, Sir Knight and likely many many others.

Based on the number of slides from eBay (where a good portion of these names come from,) he also sold a lot of images to companies that reprinted slides for private viewing.

He did some business in the commercial photography and advertising fields, along with the occasional celebrities. In the 70s as glamour style nudes became more sexualized, he became involved with porn films. That lasted until 2003, making dozens of films. Below is the most complete list of all the models that he’s worked with that I could put together. There are many many more models missing from here, so please comment below if you know them! Note that during the 90’s a lot of Porn stars were only using one name, I tried to grab the more popular ones but missed several dozen more as their names are so generic trying to track them down would be hard.

Note that in the case of the AKA those maybe the names the model is more commonly known as. I tried to put the name that is directly associated with Vogel’s work first. Also, since Ron had such a long career, models below may not actually be “vintage” models within the bounds of this web site. I’ve tried to note that also.

Known Models

Aja (1990s)
Amber Lynn
Ames Forrest
Amion Anders
Andrea Perry aka Elizabeth Moura
Ann Atmar
Ann Summers
Anna Ventura (1990s)
Andrea Stewart
Andria Bernette
Ann Vila
Alexis DeVell aka Alexis DeVall (1990s)
Alexis Vogel (his daughter)
Alouette Delphine aka Delphine Drugg, Alouette Revois
Arlene Bell
Arrayana (No last name)
Asia Carrera (1990s)
Audry Vogel (his wife)
Barbara Bacon
Barbara Barrett
Barbara Evans
Barbara Nordin
Barbara Trent
Barbie Dahl
Barona Faller
Becky Johnson
Bently Moore (1990s)
Berti Rembede
Betsy Gray
Betty Peters
Beverly Hills
Bobbi Barrington (2000s)
Bonita Dunn
Bonnie Riddle
Brandy Case
Brigette Baum aka Brigitte Baum
Britannia (1990s)
Brittany Andrews (1990s)
Brittany O’Connell (1990s)
Brook Benton aka Nancy Robinson
Buffy Davis
Cal (1990s)
Candy McKay
Carla Lee
Carrie Enwright
Carol Baughman
Carol Dark
Carol Newell aka Norma Carlson
Carole Berry
Carole Kane
Carrie Enright
Casha Rae (1990s)
Cathy Crowfoot
Cathy Whitmore
Celine Deavoux (1990s)
Chantilly Lace (1990s)
Charise Gold aka Joan Arthur, Jessica Jones, Marnet
Charla Fontaine aka Janeen Ferguson, Ferwell
Cherry Holden
Chris Darling
Christine Reid aka Heidi Jensen, Bonny Heather
Christy Canyon
Christy Leigh
Cindy Carter
Colette Berne
Connie McCann
Cosette Cosen
Dana Craig
Deanna Baker
Dee Lockwood aka Joyce Markus
Delaine aka Sherry Kegel
Devon Shire (1990s)
Diana DeVoe (2000s)
Diane Hartman
Diana Rylands
Diane Webber
Dixie Hardakre
Donalda Jordan
Donna Hennebury
Dore Orlando
Doris Peterson
Dyanna Lauren (1990s)
Eileen Smith aka Honey (1994)
Elaine Jones
Eleanor Bradley
Frankie Hires
Freddie Robbins
Kathy Fields
Kellie Everts
Gee Gentile aka Gee Riddle
Ginny Siders
Gale Olson
Glenda Graham
Gloria Dawn
Gloria Graves
Hally Ravins
Hannelore Ketiner
Harriet Pund
Harriette Russo
Heather Collins
Heather Michele Cohen (1990s)
Hedy Scott
Heidi Dorrington aka Deidre Hall, Deborah Ryder
Hillarie Kitt
Holle Wood
Isis Nile (1990s)
Jackie DeWitt
Jackie Erikson
Jamie Johnson
Jamie O’Neil
Jana Irrova (1990s)
Janet Hopkins
Janice Lee
Jayne Chapman
Jazzmine (1990s)
Jean Cannon
Jean Jani aka Jean Tanni (?)
Jeani Mack
Jewel Coley
Jill Fons
Jill Kelly (1990s)
Joan Brinkman
Joan Staley
Joan Webb
Joan Zinn
Jolene aka Brittany Andrews
Jody Fitzgerald aka Stephanie Wilson
Jody Richards
Judy Berrow
Judy Roulette
Judy Treadway
Julie Wills aka Julie Williams
Kate Asabuki
Kathy Porter
Kathy Williams
Kay Sherman
Karen Cookwell aka Sally
Karla Conway
Keiko (2000s)
Kelly Rainey
Kia (1990s)
Kim Cole
Kim DuPont
Kiwi Sweet (2000s)
Lari Laine
Luana Chilton
Laura Lyons
Laura Vickers
Laurie Kaplan
Lela Ballad
Lillian Parker aka Adrienne Stoute
Linda Gildersleeve
Linda Jones
Linda Schmidt aka Linda Schmitz
Linda Short aka, Linda Butler and Georgina Wilson
Lisa Love aka Sally O’Neil
Lois Ann McNulty
Lois Mitchell aka Shirley Stagg
Lonnie Marks aka Lee Germaine
Lori Jo Hendrix (1990s)
Lorissa McComas aka Risa (1990s)
Lourine Du Lac
Luciana Antonelli
Lyndie Redden
Mara Moder
Mare Davis
Marjorie Friend
Marlene Willoughby
Marli Renfro
Marsha Jordan
Marsha Marshall
Mary Jane aka Joy Woods, Joy Sarah Wolin
Mary Lou Germain
Mary Lou Terry
Marcie Chandler
Margaret Stone
Margie Friend
Marian Robinson
Marli Evans
Marty Reomich
Maureen Gaffney
Melinda Leonard
Melissa Hill (1990s)
Michelle Angelo
Mickey Jines
Miko Lee
Mindy Miller
Monica Gayle
Monique (no last name)
Nancy Lewis
Nancy Scott
Nici Sterling (1990s)
Nikita (2000s)
Nikki Sinn (1990s)
Nikita Denise (2000s)
Nina Forrest
Nina Leeds
Ona Zee (1990s)
Palvo Itano
Pamela aka Mariah Clark, Samantha Norris, AKA Susan Wazynick, Cindy
Pamela Self
Pat Barrington
Pat Bryan
Patti O’Connell
Patty Dudley
Pollyann Roberts aka Miss Roberts, Jeane Allen, Judy Worth, Jane Stansil, Clara Worthington, Robin Ryan
Polly Dodge aka Libbie Owens, Sammy Britton
Randy Sparr
Rayveness (1990s)
Reagan Wilson
Rene Bond
Rene Seid aka Renie Said(?)
Rene Senet
Risa (1990s)
Rhonda Iliff (Heather Collins)
Robin James
Roxanne Hill (1990s)
Ruby Carlson
Sandra Edwards
Sandy Bando
Sandy Krowfort
Sandy Noble aka Sandra Nobel(?)
Sandy Raquin
Sari Saeritz aka Suzanne Pritchard, Candy Bell
Serenity (1990s)
Shannen Steele (1990s)
Shari Wagner
Sharon Richardson
Sharon Wiley
Shawn Devereaux
Shayla LaVeaux (1990s)
Sherry Davis
Shirley Quimby
Stephanie Adams (1990s)
Sofia (1990s)
Sophia Mason
Sue Dover
Susan Beaudry
Susan Crowder
Susan McAlister aka Kelly Brier
Susan Wood
Sylvia Singer aka Sylvia McFarland, Janette Jordan, Corrina Mujica
Tabitha Cash (1990s)
Tami White
Tanya Murietta
Taylor St. Clair (1990s)
Teresa Scott (1990s)
Teri Diver (1990s)
Terri Higgins aka Terry Higgins
Terri Nichols aka Teri Nichols
Terry Garland
Terry Higgins
Thea Chance aka Marguerite Turmacher, Jane Crowell, Kit Valance, Carla Thomas,
Tina Gamwell
Tina Wilson
Tonisha Mills (1990s)
Trudy Mactier
Val Walling aka Heidi Jensen, Heidi Winston, Hilda Wynn
Ursula Bernard
Uschi Digart
Val Walling
Vangi Johns
Veronica Diemen
Veronique (1990s)
Virginia Bell
Virginia Gordon
Virginia Slay
Virginia Winter aka Debbie Jones


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