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Anita Hemmings aka Annica Salomonsson

Anita Hemmings Anita aka Annica is yet another hard to track down model. Which is doubly annoying considering the sheer number of magazines [...]

Velma Loftus

Velma Loftus Velma Loftus was one of the less prolific of Harrison Marks’ British glamour models. She still did several sets and 8mm l [...]

Vintage puffy nipples

Vintage puffy nipples I don’t know who she is, if you do please comment below! [...]

Upskirt hairy amateurs

Upskirt hairy amateurs Don’t you wish one of these were your wife? [...]

Hairy spread blonde

Hairy spread blonde Unknown model – post in the comments if you know who she is. [...]

Sally Boothe Busty 80s British Model

Sally Boothe was an 80s busty adult model. Like many models of this era, it looks like she did only one photo shoot that was sold over and o [...]

Vintage Bondage

Can anyone identify this model and photographer? Or even an accurate year. Based on the makeup I want to say 1910 to 1930s. But bondage of a [...]

Two cuties Indian Leg wrestling

Not the best pose, but they’re having fun, so who am I to complain? [...]

Amateur nude sailor

Amateur nude sailor [...]

80’s Hair

80’s Hair [...]

Vintage Garter Belt

Vintage Garter Belt – I think she’s using this wrong, but I’m not complaining! [...]

80s Nude Skaters

How more 80s could this picture get? – 80s Nude Skaters [...]

Retro Tan Lines

The difference between Retro Tan Lines and modern tan lines – the size of the tan lines! We see here another revolution that bikinis g [...]

Vintage Geek Girl

Even back in the 1920s we had the weird, loaner, nerdy, outcasts like this vintage geek girl laying naked among her favorite books. The pube [...]
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