Velma Loftus

Velma Loftus

Velma Loftus

Velma Loftus was one of the less prolific of Harrison Marks’ British glamour models. She still did several sets and 8mm loops, including one possible BDSM loop. But like too many models of this time period, information about her is nearly impossible to find. Velma Loftus isn’t even mentioned in any of Marks biographies.

Velma Loftus over the shoulder

Magazine Apperances

Unknown – Kamera 89 (Cover Model)
Unknown – Magnificent Models 03
Unknown – Magnificent Models 09
Unknown – Solo 59 (Cover Model)

Velma Loftus layback

Movie Apperances

Unknown – Strip, Strip, Hurrah! No. HM 86 – in “Tiger Girl” (Harrison Marks)

Velma Loftus Just nude

Velma Loftus - Solo 59 cover

Velma Loftus - Kamera 89 Cover

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