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Bo Derek

Bo Derek. At one time her name made men all over the world sigh. Her role in “10” beside Duddley Moore and Julia Andrews cemente [...]

Swedish Sex Symbol Anita Ekberg

Based on the number of sites dedicated to the Swedish Sex Symbol Anita Ekberg, she was obviously a pretty popular actress. Her first steps t [...]

Diane Chandler – Playboy Playmate September 1966

Diane Chandler was Playboy Playmate September 1966. Like some of the other vintage Playmates, she too has her own personal web page. [...]

Ana Bjørge

Model’s name is Ana Bjørge. No other information known. If you know anything about her, please post below. Because I would really lik [...]

Nude by Albert Arthur Allen

Albert Arthur Allen was an early 1920’s nude photographer who was prosecuted for his photos due to their content. He was also among th [...]

Diane Webber 1955

Diane Webber was Playboy Playmate of the Month for May 1955. She was credited under the name of Marguerite Empey. Her “perfect” [...]
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