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Rosa Domaille aka Eve Eden, British Glamour Model

Rosa Domaille

Rosa Domaille aka Eve Eden, born Rosa Delmai, was among the most famous of British Glamour Models during the late 1950s. Before becoming an actress in 1958. During that time she worked with all the big name photographers, and with every American and British skin mag during that time.

Rosa Domaille swiss miss

She was born in Bath in 1938 and owed her exotic looks to Portuguese and English ancestry. Seeking a career as an actress Rosa was discovered by an unnamed photographer in the Thames Valley Photographic Club were she earned 75p an hour at the tender age of 17 and became a popular attraction for other camera club photographers who named her ‘ The West Country Lovely’.

Rosa_Domaille (45)

Eventually Rosa came to work for Toco publications where her first domestic strip lingerie routines appeared, usually alongside budding models Fiona Callum and Marion Holmes. Rosa spent endless hours posing in fields, snagging her petticoats on barbed wire, tumbling off sledges in bloomers, garters and stockings or making pots of tea in frothy petticoats, push up bras and high heels before gaining work at professional studios run by Eva Grant, Zoltan Glass, Roger Davies, Russell Gay and of course George Harrison Marks. It was Pamela Green who interviewed and booked the models and recalled her first encounter with Rosa:

“I remember no one could remember how to spell her name… but it was Delmai….Rosa came to us for work and really was quite a dreamer…..not the greatest of models. You would get her in a lovely pose and say fine and then she would just walk off…..I said no Rosa you have to hold the pose, don’t move…she didn’t realize you had to arrange every finger, her legs her arms. Some of the girls like Lorraine would suggest poses and were very enthusiastic in fact I teamed Rosa and Lorraine together for a very good shot.”

Harrison Marks - Solo No.3 2

Harrison Marks - Solo No.3 2

Rosa became one of the top five nude models in the English glamour industry and George and Pamela chose Rosa as a subject for a picture shoot in the magazine ‘Picturegoer’ in an article lifting the lid on the nude film craze. From this Rosa gained bit parts in T.V. commercials and variety shows with Norman Wisdom and Benny Hill. Parts were to follow on Danger Man, Deadline Midnight, Airline Detective. As George Harrison Marks mentioned in his opening notes on Rosa in Solo No 3 “Particular faces stand out in my mind as being above the crowd….The morning Rosa called at my studios for the first time. That vital spark was there and I felt this was a girl who had more to offer than the usual statistics”.


A biography of her in the January 1958 Fiesta (Volume 3 No 1) tells a slightly different story:

“Born in Bath in 1940, Rosa trained in Ballet since she was 5 years old, and later in Musical Comedy until she was 15 and a half.

Rosa was too young at 15 to find a job on the stage, so she decided to fill in time and learn some other occupation. She worked in a Shoe Factory for a while, until an artist, who lives in Bath, saw her photograph in a Beauty Contest, and asked her to pose for him. Since then, many people have been contacting her to pose for them, but Rosa does not want to become just another model. Her heart is set on the stage. So, a month ago, she succeeded in persuading her parents to let her go to London and try her luck in the many theaters and Cabaret Clubs.

Rosa shares a flat with a girlfriend and earns her living working in a Snack Bar in Paddington — “just to keep body and soul together” as she says! She spends all her spare time and energy in practicing her dancing routine and attending auditions.”

By 1958 at the age of 20 Rosa had changed her name to Eve Eden and was offered a lucrative contract with Bill Watts as a film starlet which was to last into the early 1970’s . Her first role was as a showgirl in Doctor At Large was in 1958. This was soon followed by decorative roles in British dramas and comedies, amongst her more prominent screen appearances are roles in Naked Fury, A Weekend With Lulu, Young Willing and Eager, The Fall of the Roman Empire, Contest Girl, The Beauty Jungle, Help, When Dinosaurs Ruled The Earth, and dozens of others.

Smart no 104

Smart no 85, 1965

Smart no 81, 1965

Her career as Eve Eden was even more successful, the blonde Eve continued to pose until the late 1960’s.

Rosa was a cover girl for Picturegoer in 1959 and was Practical Photographers first cover girl in 1960. Dozens of pictorials followed both as Eve and Rosa, including spreads in Playboy, Hi-Life, Modern Man, Fling, Beau, Knave, Jade, Jem and dozens of other international titles.

In the British pocket sized magazine Rosa gained more coverage than any other model on the scene and was fully booked through 1957, 1958, and 1959. As a model she appeared in Foto, Model, Spick, Span, QT, Hush, Strip Lingerie, Sleek, X For Men, Beautiful Britons, Fan Fare, and hundreds of other magazines, usually multiple times.

When she was 28 and at the height of her modelling career, she married 46-year-old bank manager Claudio Anthony Marinelli in the London district of Marylebone on 8 August 1969. At some point, they moved to the United States and were both still alive as of 2014.

Upskirt action with Rosa Domaille and June Palmer

Upskirt action with Rosa Domaille and June Palmer

Magazines Credits


1957 – Carnival Winter Special
1957 – QT 3 (Centerfold) (Credited as ‘Rosa Delmai’)
1958 – Beautiful Britons 27 (January)
1958 – Beautiful Britons Spring Extra
1958 – Carnival (July)
1958 – Carnival (September)
1958 – Carnival 1958 Summer Special
1958 – Carnival 1958 Autumn Special
1958 – Fiesta Vol 3 No 1 (January)
1958 – Fiesta Autumn Special
1958 – Frolic (April)
1958 – Kamera No. 11
1958 – Modern Man Quarterly No. 13 (Winter)
1958 – Solo No. 3 (Cover) (First Harrison Marks shoot)
1958 – Span Extra Summer (Cover with Fiona Callum)
1958 – Spick Extra (Spring)
1958 – Spick Extra (Summer)
1958 – Spick Extra (Winter)
1958 – Spick and Span Holiday Special No. 2
1958 – Spick and Span Extra No. 7 (Credit as Eve Eden)
1959 – Fling (No 15)
1959 – Picturegoer
1960 – Caper Vol.6 No.2 (March)
1960 – Practical Photographer
1961 – Escapade Vol.6 No.4
1962 – Parade (December)(Cover Model)
1963 – Escapade Vol.8 No.5 (August)
1965 – Escapade (US)(August)(Cover Model)
1965 – Men Only (October) (Cover Model)
1965 – Modern Man (US)
1965 – Parade
1965 – Smart No. 81
1965 – Smart No. 85
1965 – True Adventures (February) (US)
1966 – Men’s Digest Volume 11 No.4 (January)(US)
1966 – Carnival (September)
1966 – Vedettes Incognito No. 12 (French)
1966 – Vedettes Incognito No. 13 (French)
1967 – Escort (July)
1967 – Photo (August)
Unknown – Amber (many issues)
Unknown – Art and Camera No. 1
Unknown – Bamboo 1
Unknown – Bandit (Harrison Marks Reprints)
Unknown – Beau
Unknown – Beautiful Britons 23
Unknown – Beautiful Britons
Unknown – Bikini Twosome (with Fiona Callum)
Unknown – Bolero no 85
Unknown – Camera Model Guide Vol 1 No 6
Unknown – Castanet
Unknown – Cathy (Harrison Marks reprints)
Unknown – Cavalcade of Glamour
Unknown – Connoisseur’s Choice and Modelling Review (several issues)
Unknown – Contour 1
Unknown – Contour 3
Unknown – Coral (many issues)
Unknown – Electra (Cover Model)
Unknown – Fan Fare
Unknown – Feline Vol 1 no 3
Unknown – Feline Vol 1 no 6
Unknown – Fiesta (Best of)(Credited as Eve Eden
Unknown – Figure Quarterly No.29
Unknown – Folies de Paris et Hollywood (Multiple Issues)
Unknown – Foto 39
Unknown – Foto 42
Unknown – Foto 44
Unknown – Funfare No.21 (Rosa Domaille in ‘Snookered’ – Adventures of a Glamour Girl) (issue entirely devoted to Rosa)
Unknown – Girly No.8
Unknown – Gentleman (October)
Unknown – Helen (Harrison Marks Reprints)
Unknown – Hi-Life
Unknown – Hush
Unknown – Jade 2
Unknown – Kamera 12
Unknown – Kamera 13 (Cover and Centerfold)
Unknown – Kamera 15 (Cover Model with Lorraine Burnett)
Unknown – Kamera 16
Unknown – Kamera 17
Unknown – Kamera 19
Unknown – Kamera 30
Unknown – Kamera 35
Unknown – Kamera Special No. 2
Unknown – Kamera Special No. 3
Unknown – Klix 1
Unknown – Knave
Unknown – Ladies 17
Unknown – Lovelies (Multiple issues)
Unknown – Lucy
Unknown – Man’s Adventure (US)
Unknown – Man’s Magazine
Unknown – Model 1
Unknown – Model 2
Unknown – Model 3
Unknown – Modelstudier 68. (Danish) (Harrison Marks Reprints)
Unknown – Naturama No 2 (French)(Cover Model)
Unknown – Parade Escort
Unknown – Party, Vol 3 No 5
Unknown – Pin-up vol 1 no 3
Unknown – Pin Up No 26
Unknown – Photoplay 13 (Cover Model)
Unknown – Playboy(Edition not known)
Unknown – QT 4
Unknown – QT 5
Unknown – QT 8
Unknown – QT 29 (Cover Model)
Unknown – QT, Best of
Unknown – Sapphire
Unknown – Sarah (Harrison Marks Reprints)
Unknown – Scene (US)
Unknown – Silky 24
Unknown – Sixty Six 26
Unknown – Sixty Six 27
Unknown – Sixty Six 30
Unknown – Sleek
Unknown – Smart No. 104
Unknown – Span 42 (Cover with Fiona Callum)
Unknown – Span 44
Unknown – Spick 51 (Cover with Fiona Callum
Unknown – Span 63
Unknown – Span 104 (Credited as Eve Eden)
Unknown – Spick
Unknown – Spicy
Unknown – Spotlight (US)
Unknown – Strip Lingerie 12
Unknown – Velvet
Unknown – X For Men

Gentleman Cover with Eve Eden

Span Cover

Acting Credits


Glamour Films:
1961 – A Weekend With Lulu
1964 – Contest Girl
Unknown – Blue Vanities #131
Unknown – Camping (with Fiona Callum)
Unknown – Canadian Doll (Credited as ‘Claudia de Merode’ in the US)
Unknown – Follies no 7
Unknown – Help
Unknown – Naked Fury
Unknown – Taking the Sun

Rosa Nude

Rosa in a rare spread photo by Harrison Marks

Rosa in a rare spread photo by Harrison Marks

Feature Films and Television
1958 – Doctor At Large
1959 – Dial 999 (TV)
1959 – Operation Bullshine
1959 – The Mouse the Roared (Uncredited)
1960 – The Angry Silence
1960 – The Love of Mike (TV)
1960 – Doctor in Love (Uncredited)
1960 – Aladdin (TV Movie)
1960 – Danger Man
1960 – Deadline Midnight (TV)
1961 – Young Willing and Eager
1961 – Walk a Crooked Mile
1961 – The Edgar Wallace Mystery Theatre (TV)
1961 – The Frightened City
1961 – So Evil, So Young
1961 – Clue of the Silver Key
1962 – Only Two Can Play (Uncredited)
1962 – Studio 4 (TV)
1962 – On the Beat (Norman Wisdom)
1962 – De ordonnans
1962 – 1963 – The Saint (TV)
1963 – Sparrows Can’t Sing
1963 – Jezebel ex UK (TV)
1963 – The Sentimental Agent (TV)
1964 – Contest Girl aka The Beauty Jungle
1964 – The Fall of the Roman Empire
1965 – The Knack… and How to Get It (TV)
1965 – Help! (Uncredited)
1968 – Carry on Up the Khyber
1969 – When Dinosaurs Ruled The Earth
Unknown – Airline Detective (TV)

Other Names Credited under

Rosa Domaille
Eve Eden
Ann Morley
Claudia de Merode

Bolero no 85

Eve Eden in bondage and spread

Eve Eden in bondage

Eve Eden in bondage

Rosa Domaille Bondage

Rosa Domaille Bondage

Rosa Domaille Bondage

Rosa Bondage

Rosa Bondage

Rosa in the Bondage shoot that helped her change her name to Eve Eden

Model Studier Rosa with unknown model

with June Palmer 6

with June Palmer

Even Eden with June Palmer

with June Palmer 6

with June Palmer 6

Harrison Marks - Solo No.3

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