Gloria Leonard

Purple Adult Magazine Studio 54 Party

Purple Adult Magazine Studio 54 Party

Dozens of books and thousands of articles have been written about Studio 54, the celebrities who went, and the amazing drug and alcohol fueled sex parties. One of these parties was put on by that short lived Purple Adult Magazine in October of 1977. This one tantalizing photo exists of the party, which to my eye features Purple’s owner and publisher, porn star Gloria Leonard, topless in a see through bath tub.

Purple Adult Magazine Studio 54 Party

I can only find a couple of issue of Purple from 1977 and 1978. Actress Susanne Summers posed for a non-nude spread in Purple in 1978, so my assumption based on what little information is on the Internet, is that Purple was trying to be a bit more main stream like Playboy and Penthouse. But it didn’t last long, so Gloria ended up taking over High Society in 78.

If you have any information about Purple Adult Magazine, or can confirm if the model above is Gloria Leonard or not, please let us know in the comments below!

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