Patricia Barrett

Patricia Barrett – Pet of the Year 1973

Patricia Barrett or Patricia Cherokee Barrett was Penthouse’s Pet of the Month for January 1972, and Pet of the Year in 1973 (shot by Bob Guccione.) One source says she was British and measured 36-22-35. Another source says that her real name was Cathryn Louise Lacey. Under that name she posed as a “Girl of Texas” in the June 1966 issue of Playboy. Although there seem to be no nudes from this shoot, just her in a car and another riding a horse. Yet another source claims her name is Francis Cannon, but I think this one is mistake.

Patricia Barrett

Cathryn Lacey

Patricia Barrett or Cathryn Lacey?

Looking closely at the face in these two poses, I’m not prepared to say they’re not the same person. But there is an interesting story here. Did Bob Guccione find out about her Playboy experience and get her to shoot for Penthouse?

And then we have to ask, is she British or Texan? Either way, the next time we see her at all is in an uncredited part in a cheesy sexploitation/killer thriller film called The Crypt of Dark Secrets. And then two years in another, Mardi Gras Massacre.

Magazine Appearances

1966 – Playboy – (June) (The Girls of Texas)
1972 – Penthouse (January) – Pet of the Month
1973 – Penthouse (January) – Pet of the Year

Acting Credits

1976 – Crypt of Dark Secrets (uncredited)
1978 – Mardi Gras Massacre (as Cathryn Lacey)

If you know anything more about Patricia Barret/Cathryn Lacey please comment below. And enjoy some more photos!

Patricia Barret

Patricia Barrett

Patricia Barrett

Patricia Barrett

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