Cathy Green Penthouse Playboy

Cathy Green, Playboy Model and Penthouse Pet

Cathy Green

Cathy Green was an nude model from 1970 until 1976. She measured 37-23-35 and was 26 at the time of her Penthouse shoot. I find it hard to believe that she only did three nude shoots, two of which were for high profile magazines, in her life. But, at least under the name of Cathy Green, there is nothing else about her. She was at the edges of the “Pubic Wars” controversy going on in the 70’s though. Her Penthouse shoot was run in the December Penthouse UK issue instead of original shoot with Sharon Longworth because it showed too much pink parts.

Cathy Green

Magazine Appearances

1970 – Playboy, August
1974 – Penthouse, December – Pet of the Month
1974 – Penthouse UK, December
1976 – All Man, July

Despite my best attempts, I was not able to find any more information about her, or any pictures that were not in the August 1970 issue of Penthouse.


Luckily Penthouse provided a bit of information for her along with her photoshoot with photographer Jeff Dunas. We find that she was a pretty sexually liberated young lady, although I find the comments about San Francisco a bit weird in light of the Gay Disco scene that was starting there.

Penthouse December 1974 Pg 1

“The Greening of America

The flight down from San Francisco to Los Angels takes less than one hour, and you can drive the distance in about five. Geographically the two cities are jet-age neighbors; culturally they are ocean apart. Cathy Green spent her Dr. Spock years (ed – IE, her childhood) in the city inevitable referred to as “sophisticated, cosmopolitan San Francisco.” During her early teens, the family – all eleven of them – made the physical and, more significantly, the metaphysical move to Los Angeles.

“I’ve been back to San Francisco many times,” Cathy says, “and there is a difference – like the difference between Paris and New York. Frisco is a charming old-world lady filled with dignity, formality, memories and bits of funky old lace. Los Angels is like a big, gangling child by comparison. There is total informality. Like glitter and trash.. and lots of today… no yesterdays to brood about. It’s a city of magical legends instead of memories.”

Penthouse December 1974 Pg 2

“You can be very happy in a special environment… particularly if you and the envrionment are expressions of one another. I’m an expression of Los Angeles.. of Southern California. I’m sunny and free and a little freaky. I’ve traveled a lot for my age.. I’m twenty-six… lots of Europe, and yet I love this country more than ever. Aemricas are so much less rigid in their customs. The way we do things; the way we think; the way we value our freedoms. And European men are no great bargain. Americans are tougher. I prefer the way they treat you – and their size. I like larger men, and European mean seem to be physically small. I mean sexually as well. I’m definitely a prick lady…. I can’t stand skinny men, so I really go for size.”

“Nor is Cathy’s own 37-23-35 configuration likely to disappoint any gentlemen statisticians of similar persuasion. “Bigness isn’t always best, but having plenty of flesh and muscle in the right place can go a long way toward making things more pleasurable. In a long-term relations, I would want my man to have brains as well. But for anything shorter a gorgeous body and a big cock are enough. And I mean that seriously… I mean about limiting the common ground between us. I’d hate to queer a really good physical relationship by just talking it out. Unless you’re really inclined to settle down to something more or less permanent, you’ve simply got to think of love and sex as being two different things. I like the idea of having one, steady relationship on the one hand and a series of exciting sexual adventures on the other. The open marriage thing really works if you can be totally honest with each other.”

Penthouse Shoot Page 3

Page 4

“little bit of misdirection that manages to make the whole thing pretty goddamn dishonest.”

“If being attracted to someone is, in itself, not a crime, then why do we get so uptight about telling some perfect stranger that he or she turns us on? Wouldn’t it be marvelous if you could stop someone in the street and say, ‘Hey! You’re pretty… let’s ball!'”

“Whereas – honesty and personal integrity apart – Cathy prefers the freedom and flexibility of a one-to-one relationship, she is not averse to spread the wealth a little by dabbling in the mysteries of group sex. “I believe in trying things. I’ve participated in sex parties because I think you have to try everything. Experience makes you a better, more integrated person – even unhappy experiences. The first party I ever went to was a bore. The people weren’t very good-looking, and I thought they had a kind of uptight attitude. They seemed to fuck obsessively…as if they were proving a point rather than undergoing some deliciously uninhibited physical pleasure. I think they were fucking with their minds instead of their organs.”

Penthouse December 1974 Pg 5

“As for her views of other matters, Cathy says, “Masturbation is normal. It’s nothing to be ashamed of…everybody does it… and when you have to have it, well, you have to have it.” She has no preferances in sexual positions: “I love them all. They haven’t come up with anything I don’t already adore… oral sex as well as straight intercourse. I love both. A little of everything and a lot of everything.” On seducation, she is equally explicit: “I can only see it as a fifty-fifty thing. Any other way would be dishonest. If I find a man I like, I’ll go out of my way to get him interested sexually. Once he responds, I’ve got him. I use an elaborate technique to find out what his needs are…his secret desires… and then I fulfill them. But, with all that, I still require complete honestly between us – and respect and independence, too – with no rules to limit any other emotional experiences we may be looking for.”

“As we’ve said, Cathy is not a missionary. She is not out to promote a new sociosexual ball game, nor does she believe in the wholesale propagation of her own (or anyone else’s) particular faith. There are, she believes, enough of ones’ own kind of people around to maintain one’s normal level of selectivity. If America is not quite ready for Cathy Green, then Cathy Green is prepared to give it all the time it can reasonable need.”

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