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1890s Lesbians

1890s Lesbians The kiss is nice, but that epic ass…. [...]

Brunette Lesbians

Brunette Lesbians Can anyone identify these two young ladies? I believe them to be 80’s porn stars? [...]

Good friends

Good friends from and very 1986 Finnish magazine “Urkki” No 6. Models unknown (and uncredited in the magazine,) if you know thei [...]

80s Lesbian Nurse

80s Lesbian Nurse taking advantage of her blonde patient Or is the patient taking advantage of the nurse? [...]

Amateur Lesbians

Amateur Lesbians from the seventies! [...]

1880s Orgy

Proof that humans have always been horny, the invention of the camera was almost instantly used for pornography. Hence, this great picture o [...]

1876 – Penthouse’ Bicentennial Lesbian Celebration

There isn’t a lot known about this pictorial set from Penthouse‘s July 1976 issue. In fact, we don’t even know who the mod [...]

Vintage Maid and Mistress

From French Maid Fetish is this awesome Vintage Maid and Mistress. Just goes to show that they were certainly open minded in the 1950’ [...]

Vintage lesbian duo

They almost look like they’re enacting a scene from a horror movie. [...]
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