Mayfair Rosemary Meeker

1979 Mayfair Model Rosemary Meeker

I suspect that we’ll never know much about Rosemary Meeker. The best I can find is that she posed under the name Rosemary Boyd, and her most famous shoot was by Roy Brewington for British Men’s magazine, Mayfair. She also posed for Cheri, and two German Magazines. I am not able to definitely find photos from those shoots. Nor am I able to find any biographical information about this alluring model at all. The only info we have, is a brief biography from her Mayfair Shoot. It reports that she enjoys star watching at Box Hill in Surrey, UK, and lived in nearby Reigate. It also reports that her measurements are 37-23-36, and that she was 22 at the time of this shoot.

Rosemary Meeker

1979 – Mayfair Magazine, Volume 14 Number 5
Unknown – Buste International, Volume 1, Number 11 (as Rosemary Boyd)
Unknown – The Breast Of Cheri vol. III (as Rosemary Boyd)
Unknown – Lesbische Spiele (as Rosemary Boyd)

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Here’s a tantalizing photo with lots of clues titled “”Schlüsselloch Kätzchen”(Keyhole Kitten,) by Meyerpress in Germany. Alas, nothing comes up under this search! Modern Meyerpress seems to be a family portrait studio.

"schlüsselloch kätzchen"

This scan is from HUIZERDUO, a company specializing in vintage magazines and IDing models. They’re the ones that were able to get me the names for the three unknown magazines she was in. This also where I found out she went under Rosemary Boyd.

Rosemary Meeker from HUIZERDUO

Of course this right here in why I suspect we’ll never know much about her. In this photoshoot (from an unidentified magazine,) she’s simply listed as “Sue.”

Sue 3

Sue 2

Rosemary Meeker 1979

Rosemary Meeker, as "Sue"

Rosemary Meeker, as “Sue”

I suspect this photo is from “Cheri” originally. It seems to have that same photo quality they printed in their magazine in those days.

Black Lingrie

And finally, four photos from her 1979 Mayfair shoot, photographed by Roy Brewington. Included is a bit of a biography of her.

Photographer Roy Brewington 1

Photographer Roy Brewington 1

“There are few activities 20-year-old Rosemary Meeker enjoys more than spending the odd night flat on her back and staring up at the sky. But before you rush to any rash conclusion we should perhaps explain that Rosemary – ‘never Rose’ – is a star-gazer. ‘It takes you out of yourself completely,’ says Rosemary. ‘Do you realize that when you look up at the sky you’re traveling back in time. It’s fantastic.’

Photographer Roy Brewington 1

“The light you’re seeing from those stars left them sometimes many thousands of years ago. Sometimes I just like out on Box Hill of an evening and it makes he shudder just contemplating what is out there. Not menacing, but just simply the enormity of it.’ And it’s not that 37-23-36 Rosemary has all that far to travel from her star-gazing nights, living close by in the lovely Surrey town of Reigate. ‘I really love this part of the country – it’s so pretty, above Reigate we’ve got Colley Hill which has fantastic view over the North Downs, and then, of course that lovely view as you drive down to town from Reigate Hill, and Box Hill is only a few miles away. The air is so clear up there it’s perfect for observing – in summer I hasten to add.”

Photographer Roy Brewington 1

“Rosemay is a girl who oozes sex-appeal, a jut and bounce in some ways very reminiscent of Marilyn Monroe – if not facially, then in the very way she carries herself. ‘I’ve been fascinated with my own looks ever since I received my first wolf whistle. I’m very proud of my figure, even fully-clothed it’s never had any trouble turning heads. But I do realize my limitations. For instance I don’t believe for a moment that I have a pretty face. But I believe it’s pretty rare to have brains, figure and face all perfect. I content myself with knowing that I’ve got the first two at any rate.’ And if you fancy a spot of Rosemary-gazing on Box Hill, be warned: she always goes well-escorted by friends, Wolf and Mao – her Dobermans.’

And lastly, one more photo from that same shoot, but not published in the magazine originally.

Photographer Roy Brewington 5

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