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Three Naked Cave Girls

I feel this photo of Three Naked Cave Girls is from a movie, but do not know which one. If you do, please comment below! [...]

Vintage Naked Farmer

Vintage Naked Farmer girl is so poor, she had to plow the fields dressed like this [...]

Three Vintage Witches

Three Vintage Witches stirring up some naked trouble somehow. [...]

Amateur waiting in bed

A blond Amateur waiting in bed. Love those 70’s tan lines! [...]

1920’s German Postcard – Chimney Sweep

From the 1920’s is this German Postcard of a female Chimney Sweep. I guess she didn’t want to get her clothes dirty! [...]

Nudist Camp Horse Ride

Nudist Camp Horse Ride. This looks like a very interesting contraption. It has pedals on the back where people can push it, the naked girl o [...]

Porn Actress Brigitte Maier

Brigitte Maier was among the very best of the well known Porn Stars in the 70s. Her career started in 1967 and lasted all the way through th [...]
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